The Negative Impact of Negative Thinking and Negative Emotions on Earth’s Magnetic Field and Our Health (In the Ongoing Pandemic)

  • Maria Kuman
Keywords: Magnetic fields and living bodies, Earth magnetic field and bodies, Integrated earth and human NEMFs, Questioning colony on mars, Suggesting magnetism on space stations


The article underlines the important role earth’s magnetic field plays for: 1/ normal embryo development, 2/ our wellbeing and health, and 3/ even our longevity (even plants’ growth is influenced by earth’s magnetic field). But it goes both ways – not only does the magnetic field of the Earth influences us, we influence the magnetic field of the earth – it was found that positive emotions recharge the earth magnetic field, while negative emotions drain the earth magnetic field. This is because we are not only material bodies. We are a material body and light electromagnetic field (EMF), which we see as aura (“aura” means “light” in Hebrew). I measured for almost 40 years the electromagnetic field of our aura. I found it to be weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), but this weak NEMF rules and regulates everything in our bodies. I also found that the NEMF of the aura is emotionally sensitive - positive emotions make our aura brighter, while negative emotions make our aura dimmer. Since we claim to be in high Spirit when experiencing positive emotions and to be in low spirit when experiencing negative emotions, the NEMF, seen as aura, is our light Spirit. This makes us a material body and light Spirit. This light Spirit adds energy to earth’s magnetic field at positive emotions, and drains earth’s magnetic field at negative emotions. This makes us integrated with the Earth we live on – it is done through Earth’s NEMF and our NEMF seen as aura. Thus, not only does earth’s magnetic field influences us, we have a strong influence on earth’s magnetic field. Considering the strong influence of magnetic fields on our health and wellbeing, the article questions should we try to create a colony on Mars, if Mars does not have magnetic field, and shouldn’t we try to create magnetic field on our space stations.


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