Article in Press


1. Use of Gravity and Magnetic Methods in Oil and Gas Exploration: Case Studies from Azerbaijan

Vagif G. Gadirov; Ekrem Kalkan; Adil Ozdemir; Yılıdıray Palabiyik; K.V. Gadirov

2. Shear Sense Analyses of Basement Complex Rocks in Parts of Southwestern Nigeria

Olufemi S. Bamigboye; Toba E. Bamidele; Adeonipekun D. Adedoyin; Taofeeq A. Issa; Omolayo A. Omorinoye

 3. Petrophysical Analysis of XYZ Field, South-East, Niger Delta Using Well Logs

Thomas A. Harry; Tejumade A. Owoeye

4. Re-Construction of Palaeo-Sedimentation Processes of Aquifers Underlying Igueben Using Geo-Electrical Resistivity Signature and Borehole Data

Samuel O. Salufu; Isaac Aigbedion

5. Spatial Distribution of Aquifer Parameters from Petrographic, Vertical Electrical Sounding and Remote Sensing Data in Batang-Babete Locality, West-Cameroon

Mouafo Saa Sylvano; Kenfack Jean Victor; Njueya Kopa Adoua; Demanou Messe Malick Rosvelt; Kenzo-Tongnang Merlot Le-Sage; Ngako Keuni; Kagou Dongmo Armand

6. Petrography and Geochemical Characterization of the Neoproterozoic Migmatites Around Mararraban Liman Katagum, Bauchi Nigeria

Tahir Garba Ahmad; Ahmed Isah Haruna; Faisal Abdullahi; Fatima Ibrahim Maikore

7. Geoengineering Deterministic Properties of Tropical Red Soil in Sobe, Edo State, Nigeria in Relation to Civil Engineering Structure

Falowo Olumuyiwa Olusola

8. Bearing Capacity of Hollowed Shallow Foundation on Cikarang Expansive Clays – An Alternative Foundation for Light Weight Structures

Edwin Laurencis Hendrikus, Paulus Pramono Rahardjo, Imam Achmad Sadisun

9. Disastrous Events of 2021 in Uttarakhand Province of India: Causes, Consequences and DRR Strategy

Sushil Khanduri

10. The Dredged Sediments are One of the Valuable Resources: A Review

Bishnu Pada Bose

11. Geochemical Assessment Methods of Outcropped Metasedimentary/Metamorphic and Deeply Buried Sedimentary Oil and Gas Source Rocks by Hydrocarbon-Rich Waters and Soils: A Novel Graphical Approach and Case Studies

Adil Ozdemir; Yildiray Palabiyik