Factors of Climate Migration of Poor Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City

  • Karisma Amjad
Keywords: Climate change, Climate migrants, Slum dwellers, Factors, Dhaka City


Bangladesh is in a vulnerable situation for the climate change. This study examines the factors of the climate migration of urban poor slum dwellers in Bangladesh. The study conducted at two slums in Dhaka city with purposive sample survey, KII and in depth qualitative interview of selected climate migrant of slum dwellers with the purposive sample size of 150. This study identified river erosion, cyclone, flooding, drought and no agricultural work available during the off-season (Monga period) main environmental reasons of migration. It is found, inherent factors behind the climate migration is mainly driven by economic and social factors i.e., unemployment, poverty, political, religious and cultural conflicts etc. In the migration process the push factors are more active then pull factors. Poverty and unemployment pushed the poor villagers who were affected with any kind of climate change to move their residence to the cities. After the migration majority of the migrants straggle to survive and try to improve their livelihoods in the city slum. Even though poor migrants have contributed a lot in social and economic development, they still have to stay excluded from proper nutrition, housing, education and sanitation. Planned migration, availability of work and social care services are suggested through this paper to reduce of further poverty of urban poor.


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